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BEC and ICC launches “Hilyses” in Australia

30.10.15 Brisbane

LEADER in premixes, ingredients and stock feed commodities BEC Feed Solutions recently launched a new feed additive into the Australian market.

The product, Hilyses®, is obtained from Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast fermentation originating from ethanol production in Brazil.

Hilyses® has been used successfully in overseas markets for a number of years, and its introduction into Australia will bring several benefits to the pig industry in terms of enhanced immune system, intestinal integrity, decreased mortality and improved feed efficiency.

According to BEC Animal Health, Innovation and Research manager Dr David Isaac, Hilyses is a complete yeast product.

“Hilyses® contains free nucleotides and nucleosides as well as short chain peptides, beta glucans and MOS,” Dr Isaac said.

“The synergistic effect of all these yeast components improves the pig’s gut health and provides the building blocks for growth, especially in young animals, when the cellular turn- over is under high activity and some tissues have limited capacity of synthesizing these nucleotides via de novo (endogenously).”

“The main difference point between Hilyses® and other yeast products available in the market is the hydrolysis of the DNA & RNA of the cell, which results in free nucleotides and nucleosides the bio-available form of the building blocks for cell proliferation.”

“The autolysis and hydrolysis process will favour the breakdown of yeast components but still all of them will be in a highly bioavailable form in one single additive.”

Hilyses® contains an important percentage of free nucleotides as well as a highly digestible protein and is rich with yeast components that assist in immune system modulation such as beta glucan 1,3-1,6 and MOS.”

“Hilyses® is a unique solution when we think about yeast benefits in animal nutrition. We do not necessarily need to isolate yeast components for their functionality and a highly bioavailable product will bring also an important economic gain while also considering partial replacement of protein sources, toxin and pathogen binders by Hilyses®” said

Dr. Melina Bonato, R&D Coordinator from ICC Brazil.

If you’d like a highly valuable, bio-available feed additive for your pigs, contact BEC today on 1300 884 593 or email Dr. David Isaac (d.isaac@becfeedsolutions.com.au)

Click here for the Australian Pork Newspaper Article: APN 1115 Hilyses (November 2015 page 4)

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