BEC Feed Solutions Indonesia collaborated with Big Dutchman and Hendrix Genetics to organize a seminar titled Layer Solution Day, held at Swiss-Belhotel Serpong, Tangerang, Banten on Tuesday (14/11) and at Hotel Emersia Lampung (16/11). In this seminar, BEC Feed Solutions Indonesia presented topics on vaccine stabilizers and digestive tract health.

BEC Vaccine Stabilizer Solution

Mega Saragi, a Nutritionist at PT BEC Feed Solutions Indonesia, provided insights into the solutions offered by BEC. BEC offers premix and feed additive products for high-quality feed that can enhance production efficiency. In addition to premix and feed additive products, BEC provides products for the animal health segment that can support vaccination programs.

Vaccines administered through drinking water must withstand various risks such as oxidizers, low water tonicity, and unfavorable pH. Therefore, vaccines given through drinking water ideally require a vaccine stabilizer.

Currently, BEC has a product in the animal health line called Vac-Pac Plus International. Vac-Plus International is a new generation water stabilizer to protect vaccines from oxidizers (minerals, sanitizers, and chlorine), low tonicity, and unfavorable pH. Vac-Pac Plus International can stabilize both virus and bacterial vaccines. This latest generation stabilizer is more effective than traditional vaccine stabilizers like skim milk.

Digestive Tract Health

During the Layer Solutions Day seminar held in Lampung, BEC invited David Marks, an Intensive Livestock Consultant, to discuss topics related to the chicken digestive tract. A healthy digestive tract can support good chicken performance and ultimately provide optimal benefits. To achieve a good digestive tract, it is necessary to develop a stable, balanced, diverse, and abundant microbiota ecosystem. One way to achieve a healthy digestive tract is by using Gallinat+ from Jefo Nutrition, exclusively distributed by BEC. Gallinat+ is a combination of several organic acids and essential oils protected by a unique and effective matrix technology to optimize digestive tract health.

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