BEC Feed Solutions & Jefo Nutrition Present

A Gut Health Webinar: How We Can Manage This In Challenging Times.

Join us in hearing from expert key speakers on managing Gut Health for poultry in challenging conditions.
We will also be introducing to you, Gallinat+ the latest, innovative product from Jefo Nutrition Inc.

DATE: Tuesday 22nd March, 2022
TIME: 8:45am WIB




Tony Unandar – Private Poultry Consultant

“Intestinal Health Issues: Indonesia Current Situation in the Post-AGP Era”

Tony Unandar is one of familiar consultant in Indonesia. He is graduate from Faculty of veterinary medicine Bogor Agricultural Institute (IPB) and he did his master in Veterinary Science Program IPB. After graduated he was working in several private company in Indonesia.

Since March 2007 he become Private Poultry Consultant including broiler, layer breeders and commercial broiler integrators/layers. Besides carrying out problem solving activities on poultry, he also provides technical seminars/training related to biosecurity, hatchery management, management practices, controlling & handling of poultry disease, vaccines, closed-house system, artificial insemination in poultry, and data analysis & risk management.


David Marks – Intensive Livestock Consultant

“THE GUT I want to do things differently but how?”

David Marks currently focuses on intensive livestock consultant. He is graduated of the Bachelor of Veterinary Science University of Sydney. After graduated he was working in Farm services, A.A. Tegel Pty Ltd, and Tegel Foods Ltd. Since 2005 he decided to become professional consultant.

David has highly experiences in poultry and pig sector. Major strength in biosecurity, welfare, food safety, antibiotic stewardship and antibiotic free production, poultry and pig health, flock and herd management and production and processing, with a proven ability in the construction, implementation, and auditing of biosecurity programs for disease control, food safety, welfare and biological performance.


Derek Detzler – Jefo Global Poultry Technical Manager

“Gallinat +: A Farmers Perspective”

Currently Derek Detzler works at Jefo as Global Poultry Technical Manager. For over 18 years, his focus is on the sustainable reduction of antibiotic use in poultry.  In the early 2000’s, he started implementing the use of coccidiosis vaccines and novel management approaches to tackle anticoccidial resistance development.

Derek has consulted internationally for various pharmaceutical, vaccine, and genetic companies engaged in the advancement of poultry welfare and health. He was a member of the Chicken farmers of Canada antibiotic reduction committee. Until May, of 2020, he was the President and General Manager of Trillium Hatchery. He is also a PAACO certified poultry welfare auditor.