BEC Feed Solutions Indonesia held a seminar together with Hendrix Genetics and Big Dutchman in Kediri and Solo. Participating in the Layer Solutions Day seminar, these three companies collaborated to provide solutions to the challenges of layer chicken farming. The seminar roadshow was held on January 31, 2024, at Hotel Grand Surya Kediri and on February 28, 2024, at Hotel Grand Mercure Solo. On these occasions, we presented Mega Saragi – Nutritionist from PT BEC Feed Solutions Indonesia, and David Marks – Intensive Livestock Consultant as speakers.

BEC Premix

During the event, BEC Feed Solutions Indonesia provided solutions in the form of complete premix and single feed additives for layer feed supplementation. BEC premix can serve as a complete solution to help achieve production efficiency and optimal layer performance. BEC premix contains two main important components, namely StarFIX and Poultry Grow 250. StarFIX from ICC Brazil is a multi-action toxin binder that acts as a toxin absorber, enhances immunity, and restores liver health. Meanwhile, Poultry Grow 250 is a protease enzyme from Jefo Nutrition exclusively distributed by BEC, designed to optimize protein absorption in feed while maintaining digestive tract health. Besides being provided through BEC premix, both feed additives can also be added as single feed additives according to field needs.

Fatty Liver

During the event, David Marks explained about the digestive tract and fatty liver. Problems in the digestive tract can be triggered by nutrient oversupply, leading to an imbalance of microbes in the digestive tract. To maintain digestive tract health, Jefo has a product solution called Gallinat+, which works in the Weed stage (eliminating harmful bacteria) and Feed stage (providing food for beneficial bacteria to thrive). The use of Gallinat+ has been proven to reduce antibiotic use, improve digestive tract scores based on the International scoring system, and enhance fecal quality.

Furthermore, fatty liver cases often occur due to nutrient imbalances in feed, heat stress, and mycotoxins. The use of lipotropic agents to release fat in the liver for energy becomes one of the most important solutions to address this issue. One of Jefo’s products as a fatty liver solution, also distributed by BEC, is Jefo formula HP.