We share with you a newly published technical report “Comparing Organic Selenium Sources” by Dr. Pierre-André Geraert, Dr. Mickaël Briens, Dr. Yves Mercier and Dr. Kevin Liu (Asian Poultry Magazine, Aug 2015). The research study demonstrates the importance of complete characterization of selenium by comparing bio-efficacy of different selenium sources in animal feeds. It is thus concluded that tissue Se deposition is a reliable criteria to evaluate the bio-efficacy of either organic or mineral Se sources.

From the research model of comparing selenomethionine content of various seleno-yeasts (SY) from different suppliers and batches of production, it is evident that different fermentation process will result in varying selenium methionine (SeMet) contents present in yeasts. The approach is supported by a rapid bioavailability test to evaluate efficacy potential of selenium sources wherein Selisseo® (pure OH-SeMet) yields the highest muscle Se concentration at 100 mg/kg based on 7-day dietary supplementation of broilers at 0.2 ppm total Se, in comparison with other complexes sources of Se.

The results also justify that hydroxy-selenomethionine (HMSeBA, Selisseo®) displayed a high stability with recovery rate higher than 95% for measurement of HMSeBA, even after harsh extrusion processing that is commonly used for aquafeed or petfood processing. Measurement of HMSeBA is, foremost, the precise measurement, as compared to the measurement of total Se content, for determination of bioavailability of dietary selenium for animal feeding.

In conclusion, the results of this research study show that selenium incorporated as selenocysteine (SeCys) should be the best predictor of efficacy of the selenium source. As dietary SeCys requires complete transformation to selenide in order to synthesize de novo SeCys for its antioxidant properties, the most bio-available form of organic Se (i.e. HMSeBA, Selisseo®) is therefore essential to enhance tissue SeCys contents in animals.


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