Mycotoxins pose a real threat, especially for tropical countries like Indonesia. Coupled with the fact that some feed ingredients in Indonesia also come from countries that are not free from mycotoxins, implementing a mycotoxin management program using a toxin binder is a necessity. MegaFix is the fourth-generation mycotoxin binder from ICC Brazil. It has been specially developed to respond to acute challenges caused by major mycotoxins. MegaFix is formulated with the advantage of containing enzymes that can denature mycotoxins (biotransformation). Its composition includes modified aluminosilicates, high concentration and resistant B-Glucan, micronized algae, and enzymes that can denature mycotoxins. The synergistic effect of these components makes MegaFix a solution with the latest and natural technology in combating and managing mycotoxins.

Figure 1. MegaFix Concept


MegaFix contains 5 raw materials with functions that work synergistically to help address major mycotoxin problems. The first ingredient, aluminosilicate, such as bentonite, has been proven to absorb mycotoxins based on the polarizing properties of the molecular charge. The second ingredient, autolyzed yeast, has shown higher and more specific adsorption performance against mycotoxins compared to mineral adsorbents, and it also contains high concentration B-Glucan, which can enhance immunity.

The third ingredient is nucleotides from Saccharomyces cerevisiae (S. cerevisiae) that play a significant role in health recovery, including reducing inflammation, oxidative stress, and increasing cell survivability, thus being crucial for accelerating the recovery of liver and intestinal health damaged by mycotoxins. The fourth ingredient is micronized algae from Lithothamnium calcareum (L. calcareum), which has shown good absorption quality against zearalenone and aflatoxin B1. The fifth and also the most important ingredient is the biotransformative component, a complex of enzymes consisting of esterase, epoxide-reductase, and peptidase, which can detoxify deoxynivalenol and other Fusarium toxins.

The chemical properties of different mycotoxins make it impossible to detoxify various mycotoxins using a single method, thus requiring multiple mycotoxin deactivation strategies. The synergistic effect of these compositions makes MegaFix a solution with the latest and natural technology in combating and managing mycotoxins.