The Technical team is on hand to provide technical and nutritional advice to our customers. Using their experience and training, they are able to answer your questions on nutrition, feeding of the range of animals, use of the BEC products and of every day aspects of animal production.

The Technical team has an extensive knowledge of premix design, practical feed formulation and of various animal production systems. They have experience in premix formulation, feed formulation and direct farm advice. This knowledge covers the wide range of animals used in agriculture and of the broad nature of on farm factors and operational factors of farming. Knowledge is not only of the nutritional aspects of feedstuffs, but also in practical aspects of feeding to the animals.

The Technical team at BEC Feed Solutions manage the research and design of the premix formulas to ensure the exact supply of nutrients and the highest quality standard. In the design of each product, ingredients are selected to ensure the required nutrient amounts are provided and absorbed by the animal. Lastly it is important that the product can be easily fed to the animal or mixed into the feed.

The technical team will work with the customer to ensure that BEC provides a product that meets the customer’s requirements and expectations, as well as maintaining the high quality standards established by BEC.



Mega Saragi


Ms Mega Saragi received a full scholarship and completed her Masters Degree in Science and Animal Nutrition at Bogor Agricultural University, after that she had the chance to work internship with government in organization focused on Animal Husbandry and Biotech. She then worked as Formulator in one of the major Indonesian Feedmill companies based in Myanmar for 3 years.

Rahmadilla Widi Setianingtyas

Technical Support

Ms Rahmadilla Widi Setianingtyas finished Animal Husbandry at Diponegoro University, Semarang and started as a supervisor in a piggery. She then became formulator in a major International feedmill company in Indonesia. She became an expert in handling raw materials, quality control, feed processing quality, laboratory analysis, feed formulation and performance control on site, as well as a technical expert in poultry nutrition.



Premixes are widely utilised in the animal feed industry to facilitate the uniform dispersion of micro ingredients in a larger mix, such a finished feed. Premixing in general has become so routine when formulating feed rations, that this important specialty area is often overlooked.

In light of this, the Vitamin Premix Clinic (VPC), a unique program BEC Feed Solutions offers to its customers, was developed to enhance and revitalize the level of understanding and appreciation for vitamins and premix ingredients. The VPC is an exclusive workshop where you will have the opportunity to look closely at:

  • Stability and mixability of vitamins, minerals and other ingredients
  • The roles of carriers, diluents and binders in premix formulation
  • Vitamin sources and properties
  • Premix manufacturing processes and technology
  • Tour of the premix manufacturing facilities

In addition, the clinic is geared for hands-on activities. In our laboratory you will have an opportunity to investigate the chemical and physical properties of vitamins, other feed ingredients and premixes, such as: hygroscopicity, solubility, particle size, bulk density, flowability, segregation and microscopic characteristics.

The Vitamin Premix Clinic is conducted approximately 3 times a year at our head office and premix manufacturing facility in Carole Park, Queensland. It takes 1 1/2 days to complete the program which is lead by Monette Swanson, our Quality Assurance Manager. To facilitate learning and networking opportunities we have a maximum of nine participates in each clinic.